Types of Floor Cushions

Feb 26th

The floor cushions are a great accessory for any home, as they are decorative and useful. Use some floor cushions to receive guests as additional seating. They are also ideal for a Japanese or Moroccan dinner, around a low table. Choose a style that matches your decor, because let aside when you do not need them.

Cozy Floor Cushions
Cozy Floor Cushions

Indian and Moroccan styles

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In Morocco, puff round is a small cushion floor, generally leather, used for dining. By sitting on a puff, your knees are off the ground, as they tend to be relatively higher than a traditional floor pad. Other Moroccan floor cushions are smooth, rugs inspired designs, usually hand-woven wool or cotton. Indian culture floor cushions used to do yoga and meditate. Usually small, square and covered with silk or rayon. The elements of design include common Indians claries- colors like yellow, orange, red and fuchsia embroidered in gold.

Tufted Styles

Square edges of a floor cushions tufted kept firm and level, especially if it is a cushion of a heavy fabric like canvas. Pads are more space saving because they are stackable. Floor seats are large tufted cushions. Usually extra large so that, when folded in half, a portion extending over the wall to support your back.Types of floor cushions,

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