This Cedar Closet and Shelves Will Blow Your Mind!

Feb 23rd

Cedar closet – Cedar shelves are ideal for use in cabinets that keep clothes and bedding since Cedar is a natural moth repellent. In addition, Cedar acts as a natural deodorant and wards of moisture that can lead to mold. Use Cedar shelves to store sweaters and other items that do not require hooks.Natural tinted cedar wood Spot crude Cedar to expose the natural beauty of the wood grain. In addition, staining Cedar can carry out the inherent to the wood of pink.

Cedar closet small
Cedar closet small

After staining wood stain, apply a varnish clear on the shelves so that the surface is perfectly smooth and ready Cedar closet for storage of clothing. To extend the look of Cedar walls of the Cabinet, use Cedar siding.Painted shelves If you want moth reject properties of Cedar without the more rustic look, paint the shelves in the same color as the walls of the cabinets.

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Create Hubbies Instead of traditional shelves for cabinets use square cubicle holes. and create a modular shelving arrangement. Cedar closet can be used for storing clothes, shoes and bedding. Insert baskets cabbies for lingerie or other small items such as scarves and hats.Cedar siding If you want to look, smell and repellent properties of shelves of Cedar but not spending, to buy Cedar shelving liners of the insect. Shelves can be placed directly on the shelves.