Styles of Stiffel Lamps

Mar 8th

In the early days of the electric lamp, they were made for utilitarian only, as procedures light in the dark purposes. Therefore, when the design is not much thought in aesthetics. Stiffel Lamps was founded by Ted Stiffel. He proposed making quality lamps that have added more than light to the room. In the era of arts and crafts produced thick square Stiffel lamps, which are now considered collector’s items. The minimalist design of this lamp makes it suitable for almost any decor. The colors are muted, especially in brown and beige tones. The company still offers a similar lamp in today’s modern, but yet many colors.

Stiffel Lamps Photo
Stiffel Lamps Photo

Stiffel lamps also manufacture stained glass lamps very similar to the Tiffany style lamps. This style is made ​​in floor lamps, table lamps and desk. Gorgeous color tones combine with almost any decor. Unlike many imitations Tiffany, whose glass is so thick that leaves only light rays pass through the screen, the Stiffel allow light to pass through the glass and accentuates the colors. Details of stained glass makes each screen is a work of art. Stiffel lamps now offer these models identical to those of the former to achieve a style as the home of the grandparents.

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