The Stury Of Cowboy Bathtub

Feb 14th

In a sequence of “The Bravo became only” (Will Penny), Joan Hackett, before the unbearable stench exhaled by cowboy Charlton Heston, asks him if cowboy Charlton Heston used to bathe in cowboy bathtub. Heston replies that took seven or eight “Why month”. Joan question “No, a year” responds Heston, adding: “I shower before heading out with a herd and another when return. Along the way, meet a river and if it is not too cold can take another for go to bath again. “And Joan Hackett forces Charlton Heston to take a bath, and the cowboy visibly obeys grudgingly.

Top Cowboy Bathtub
Top Cowboy Bathtub

The first bath I remember seeing a cowboy taking was in “The Searchers” (The Searchers).

Jeffrey Hunter takes a bath in cowboy bathtub after months and months riding with John Wayne. Vera Miles also helps Jeffrey Hunter in one of those funny scenes as only John Ford was able to do make a somethink interesting.

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As lot of us know that the cowboys did not like to bathe moreever in cowboy bathtub and this is not legend, but in many, many westerns our heroes went into tubs and even in barrels in order to then kiss the girls. Woowww.!