Stunning Ideas Whirlpool Bathtubs

Mar 13th

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and you have the space, whirlpool bathtubs can help create a spa environment. Commonly available in spas, hot tubs have a series of water jets along the sides of the tub to massage tired muscles and keep the water moving. You can buy a hot tub in most stores for home improvements.

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If you have an open floor plan bathroom, build whirlpool bathtubs and surround with tile, marble or wood to create a unique style to match your decor. In a large bathroom, think about placing a built-in tub in the middle of the room platform. Depending on bathtub model you have chosen, you can place built in this box, or on a smaller platform to make the bath a focal point in your bathroom.

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If a cave or hidden pool is what you’ve always wanted, buy a hot tub sunk to install in your bathroom. Sometimes called drop-in bathtubs, sunken whirlpool bathtubs are placed directly on the floor. To save space, use a standard or pocket floor to cover the cockpit door when not in use, or surround the area with plants and stones to turn your bathroom into a hidden spring or pool.