Sizes of a Loveseat

May 13th

The size of a loveseat in relation to the room can be a decisive factor for choosing one. A short length of the loveseat can pair well with a small apartment or a room, or coordinate with a full size couch in a spacious living room. The dimensions of a loveseat vary greatly according to the designer. Measure carefully what you need and what is available can help ensure the right size for both the person and for the space. The loveseats designed for outdoor spaces such as patios, often have strong and long structures. The measures can range from 50-66 inches (125-165 cm) from arm to arm and at least 30 inches (75 cm) deep and high.

Slipcover Loveseat
Slipcover Loveseat

A loveseat full size is like an extra wide seat that serves two people. The measure from arm to arm may include lengths of 52 inches (130 cm) for a standard small sofa, 58 inches (145 cm) for one medium, 64 inches (160 cm) for a full two-seater sofa and 71 inches (177 5 cm) for a large two-seater sofa. A depth of 38 inches (95 cm) and a height of 36 inches (90 cm) are fairly common. The loveseat more compact single sweater is for one person and is approximately 45-51 inches (112.5 to 127.5 cm) from arm to arm with a depth and height of 28 inches (70 cm).

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