Simple Replace Fiberglass Bathtub

Apr 25th

Over time the fiberglass bathtub will show wear, or may even seem a little dated. Replacing the fiberglass tub with a new one may seem like a daunting task, but you can break the task into manageable steps to get it accomplished. The task does not require specialized tools to get the old and new hot tub. The new bathtub must fit through doors leading to the bathroom.

Fiberglass Bathtub
simple fiberglass bathtub


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1 Turn off the water of the bath in the main shutoff valve for the house. Loosen the hardware of the tub, with your hands or a plumber key, leaving only the exposed metal pipes.

2 Cut fiberglass bathtub into smaller pieces, using a jigsaw. Loosen tub parts of the pipes are connected.

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3 Place the new bathtub in the place where the old bathtub. Place a level on the tub to measure level and landslides wedges under the bath tub to make the necessary adjustments.

4 screw old pipes in corresponding connectors on new bathtub using a wrench plumber, following the same configuration as with old bathtub.

5 Cover the sides of tub with a heavy piece of cardboard as nails metal fasteners to tub wall studs. Use the recommended nails as specified in the documentation accompanying fiberglass bathtub type.