Shoe Shelves Ideas

Feb 26th

Having a dedicated area for storing shoes means you’ll have easy access to your inventory. Shoe shelves organized without taking up space on the ground, which is especially important if you do not have much storage. Build this wooden shelf for shoes is a simple, inexpensive project that requires no special tools or advanced knowledge of carpentry. Consists of wooden brackets and support plate close to the wall could atornillares. Once you have the desired length for your rack, the project takes less than two hours. Measures both the plate 1 by 10 inches (2.5 by 25 cm) and 1 by 4 inch (2.5 by 10 cm) to the desired length of the shelf. Use a framing square to draw a line through each plate, perpendicular to the edges thereof. Cut each wooden plate line.

Build Shoes Shelves Storage
Build Shoes Shelves Storage

Shoe shelves measure and mark a line of one inch (2.5 cm) from the long edge of the plate 1 by 4 (2.5 by 10 cm) along the same. Support her in a flat cutting surface. Release the thumbscrew holding the base plate of the saw circular. Rota base 30 degrees and tighten the screw. Place the saw to cut along the lines drawn on the plate, with the lower part of the blade on the side that will be trimmed.

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