Rattan and Seagrass Furniture

May 23rd

Seagrass furniture – Wicker is a beautiful natural material, whether one embodiment. This material is successfully used in the manufacture of furniture, which has become very popular throughout the generations and styles. As an alternative to wood, metal or even plastic furniture offers a unique natural style. This can add to the interior of an entirely different character, warmer and cozier. Wicker furniture can be equipped with a space, and it really or just a few pieces of furniture to revive the overall look of the room. And ethno perfectly complements the interior.

Antique Seagrass Furniture
Antique Seagrass Furniture

Rattan not the most popular material for making seagrass furniture. He comes from a palm tree that grows mainly in Indonesia. From the palm of the other hand is distinguished by a great height that grows, and the tribes are very thin, so as to grow used to support the surrounding vegetation. Rattan palm trees grow fast enough and their processing is happening somewhere around fifteen to thirty years of life.

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Rattan furniture production has excellent properties. It is light, strong, flexible and durable. When producing strains used rattan, which may have different thicknesses. Strain download cortex, which is then used to wrap the main framework of seagrass furniture. Rattan can modify surface staining or painting, which makes it even more durable material.