Popular Wooden Bathtub

Oct 28th

In recent years, wooden bathtub are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming popular. Having a wooden tub in our bathroom is something special. it is a piece of luxury and exclusivity that help create in your bathroom a personal oasis. If you decide on one of these tubs, you can design the rest of the bathroom also with wood materials will remain beautiful and very original! Wood bathtubs, unlike their “sisters” porcelain, acrylic or enameled steel are pieces of a natural material providing warmth in a bathroom.

wooden bathtub

Whether in rustic and seemingly untreated or smooth, woodwork, wood bathtubs, can be found in different varieties and styles. But not only may the look of wood differ in bath tub, but also how. With round, oval or square, it can perfectly fit the space you have in mind.

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A wooden bathtub is not only a decorative item but also provides various functional benefits. The timber has a very low thermal conductivity and therefore the bath water stays warm longer than in a bath of more conventional materials. Especially nice are independent wood bathtubs. A freestanding bathtub in the middle of the bathroom is always an attractive decorative element but also it is a wooden bathtub, the effect achieved is even more impressive.