Pests of Succulents

Jan 13th

Although often grow succulents in arid and desert conditions, people grow these plants in their homes with the ability to store water. Succulent plants have a strange and exotic appearance. These plants are vulnerable to a host of pests, but can take several steps to control them. The white scale insects are among the most common pests of succulent plants. They are small, grayish appearance and leave behind a sticky substance. The biggest threat is that these insects feed on plant tissue and cause irreparable damage to the plants. The white fluff as small mothballs indicates that these insects are laying eggs. These nests are located at the bottom of the plant, where it meets the ground.

Succulents Gallery
Succulents Gallery

The presence of spider mites can be detected by the opaque brown spots that appear on the skin of the plant. This is the only way to determine your location, which cannot be detected by the naked eye. The best way to treat these insects is through the use of insecticides or acaroids. Although spider mites attack a variety of succulents plant, aloe mite is unique to plants that bear his name. You will not observe them, but you will notice your presence when you detect a rampant growth of flowers and brownish spots on the leaves.

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