Making Cheap Room Dividers

Jun 10th

Room dividers are an effective way to give two functions or request privacy. This is commonly accomplished by installing prefabricated room dividers screens appear. However, the way cheaper to split a room with curtains. Curtains can divide a room completely and heavy curtains if used can also isolate sound. Install a curtain rod in the ceiling or using a tension rod to hang curtains without drilling holes.

Room Dividers Screen
Room Dividers Screen

Instructions of making room dividers

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  1. Measure the length of the ceiling, wall to wall, and divide it into equal for each bracket ceiling you use sections. Mark the location of the supports with a pencil before installation for room dividers.
  2. Drill a hole where you are installing the brackets. Insert dowels for walls plaster on each hole. Put brackets, placing them in position and screwing in anchors.
  3. Hang the curtains on the rod and insert the rod into the brackets.
  4. Measure the space where you will hang the bar. Make sure you choose the bar is designed for the long space that will divide. Use a strong rod for large spaces.
  5. Hang curtains or panels at the bar.
  6. Hop on a stool and support for curtain rod in place. Turn one end to the wise of recon until it snaps into the space between the walls.