Install a Tilted Oval Mirror Delta

Mar 18th

Hold the template oval mirror Delta in line with the pencil mark on a wall. Sets the template until it rests plumb, using a spirit level as a guide. Ensures the template to the wall with tape. Make pilot holes for hanging fasteners oval mirror with an electric drill equipped with an appropriately sized drill bit, using the template as a guide for placement of the hole. Remove the template and tape on the wall.

Very Oval Mirror
Very Oval Mirror

Push the pointed end of a plastic anchor provided by the manufacturer in one of the pilot holes 3/16 inch (0.004 m) of the hanging anchor fasteners and hit with a hammer so that the wide end is seated flush with the wall surface. Repeat with each pilot hole. Do not force an anchor within a pilot hole of 1/16 inch (0.001 m) hole in a wooden wall stud oval mirror.

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Put a screw mount supplied by Delta through holes screws of the hanging fixtures, using a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws . Repeat with the second pendant holder. Slide the open end of each pole of the oval mirror hanging on their respective clamping until the pole rests against the end wall covering. Slide down both posts simultaneously on their respective clamping pendant.