Ideas for Organizing the Clothing Closet

Dec 3rd

Clothing closet – Touch removes coats and jerseys and save bikinis, shorts and sundresses. Do you get tired just thinking about it? We too! For this reason, we decided to get down to work. We cannot do for you, but we can help you organize faster, better use of the space and getting your clothes “preferred” are always at hand. And no wrinkles! Learn how with these six tips: It’s time to take a look at your stuff and get rid of everything that you’ve spent years without wear. Sound familiar? Say goodbye to the pants you bought in rebates if slimming bas two kilos, the blue jersey that brings you such good memories of your youth. The first rule of order is “remove” anything that does not use. Just take up space and keep you from finding the rest of the clothes you wear themselves. You can organize by color and type of clothing. Choose that option with which you feel more comfortable than ever considering, for example, you must separate the suits.

Luxury clothing closet
Luxury clothing closet
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The jacket and trousers or skirt must go together in the closet, as this is easier to find and take up less. The ideal placement is one that allows you to quickly locate everything, pays your clothing closet space and leaves wrinkled clothes. “Save the T-shaped bent ladder. Like an accordion, the first long sleeves and then the short sleeves. Each garment must be put farther back. Avoid a column, as well as bulk, if you have many may fall, “advises Order Pure Lola House. While sweaters are also bent, but, “rather than put the sleeves in the center and fold, to take up less crosses a sleeve with another and fold in half. So is thinner, “adds the expert.

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Pants, skirts and dresses are on hangers. The trousers are accessories that you put it easier and allow you to save several pieces in a small space without wrinkling. For skirts are ideal hangers with clip. Dresses one by one with special hangers, so the shoulders do not deform. The separators in the drawers are the best choice for lingerie, provided they do not have much. If you have many socks, for example, fold them and multiply by three drawer capacity. While panties should be placed with three folds folded and stacked. To scarves and belts have several accessories as your wardrobe. If you have time, exceeds or topic you find the shirt to go to work. Put yourself in professional hands and let an expert do this task for you. In order at home, after a personal interview, they make a budget and you get to organize your clothing closet.