How to Produce Healthy Bogies on Boxwood Topiary

Feb 11th

Boxwood topiary – Boxwood or Buxus sempervirens, grows as a shrub plant bright green and is often used as topiary or other decorative landscape designs. This shrub can grow almost anywhere, in many soil types and both in sunlight and in a light shade. To produce healthy bogies, that can tolerate severe pruning ornamental and maintain their green color, you must provide them with food suitable for plants, also called fertilizer. The water soluble, liquid fertilizer is extremely effective for them.

Short  Boxwood Topiary
Short Boxwood Topiary

Instructions: Mix liquid plant fertilizer with water according to the specific product instructions. Use a multipurpose balanced fertilizer as boxwood not require additional nutrients. Spray the surrounding soil to plants boxwood topiary with recommended fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season, which generally runs from early summer to early fall amount.

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Apply the final dose of fertilizer before the first frost of the season. Do not fertilize the plant during the winter, as the new growth can not tolerate the cold. Start again feeding regime after the last frost of the year, in the spring.

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