How to Design Linen Closet

Mar 24th

Linen closet – Closet space seems to be the property of a house that you can never have enough, so it is very important to optimize the space you have. To do this, the organization is keys. The two main considerations when designing a linen closet are built space requirements and storage available. As they approached the project in a thoughtful way, it will be organized in a comfortable and well-ordered linen closet that will maximize the space you have.

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Instructions to design linen closet: measure the height, depth and width of the space where you will build it. Make a list of everything stored in the closet, as towels, blankets, quilts, sheets, linens and supplies. Draw the outline of the cabinet on the graph paper to scale. Measure the dimensions of each element in your checklist because it is stored.

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Calculate the number and size of the shelves can be accommodated in the space using the dimensions of the articles. Remember to allow for the thickness of the shelves themselves when calculating the height. Draw in the basic shapes of the contents of the linen closet on the plan so that you can judge whether the agreement is functional and is organized and balanced.