How to Design an Armoire Closet

Mar 19th

Armoire closet – If you need to store your clothes in a closet, it is likely that the desire for more space. These, even relatively large 48-inch wide unit may be too small to hold all the items of clothing you own. With the right kind of organization, however, you can make a more useful wardrobe. Spend some time planning how you want to organize your clothes, and consider a trip to the thrift store or home improvement for collecting storage elements to suit your space and needs. Place the elements that should be in your armoire closet and measure your closet. Go through his clothes and arrange to donate to charity items you no longer use. Spread the remaining items in categories such as dresses, pants, shirts, shoes and accessories. Determine what can go in your closet and you will need to be stored elsewhere. Accessories, for example, could be kept in a bedside table.

Unique armoire closet
Unique armoire closet

Install an organizer kit in the locker room. Set aside a small section with a bar to hang at least 6 feet high for dresses or suits. The largest section should have two bars, one for shirts and jackets, and one for trousers and skirts. Place the hooks on the back of the door to hang extra long items. Make sure these items are not large enough to interfere with the closing of the doors. Put a shelf above each bar. Organize sweaters and tops according to the type and the color in boxes for quick access and orderly storage. If you have room, make additional boxes for off season or specialty items.

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Buy a shoe rack tilted at the bottom of the closet. Put about 8 inches above the floor. These have a small ridge on the back to keep the heels so that you can easily see his shoes. Place battery-powered lights to the inside walls of your armoire closet. A light on each side of the cabinet eliminate shadows and help you see what you have.