How to Build a Desk Armoire

Oct 19th

When you do not have much space in a room to place a desk, you should check if you do not use space in a closet. Any owner with some experience in projects “do it yourself” can build a desk armoire in one afternoon and work hard overnight.

Traditional desk armoire design
Traditional desk armoire design
  1. Take the measurement of the length and width of the walls inside the cabinet to build desk armoire.
  2. Measure and mark the dimensions on the sheet of plywood. Cut the plywood
  3. Apply a wood dye to the surface you just sanded so that the desktop has a uniform finish.
  4. Cut two pieces of wood 5.10 x 10.15 cm of the same depth as the wardrobe least 5.10 cm.
  5. Locate the studs of the closet with the locator.
  6. Make a height of 76 cm on three walls.
  7. Place one of the pieces of wood against the side wall at the previously marked it with the edge against the back wall.
  8. Place the piece of the back of the desk between the two side pieces.
  9. Last long piece placed
  10. Place the desk armoire top support on stage you just screwed to the wall.

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