Get Closet Makeover in Secret Trick!

Apr 13th

Closet makeover can be organized in a rational manner, with everything in place and a specific place for each garment or accessory. Take one hour ahead to bring order in the closet …  We started with the tricks…

Walk in Closet Makeover
Walk in Closet Makeover

With seasonal shoes you have several options, but above all do not keep in opaque boxes that will make you forget it. Opt for transparent boxes or paste a picture of the shoe on the outside … Use hangers hanger or put a shoe in a shoe closet space, but only for those more delicate shoes. For everyday shoes, opt for placing a shoemaker wall at the entrance of the house.

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To save jerseys and knit shirts you have several options. The most comfortable, which also prevents warping, is to place these items on shelves.  Eliminates the subject and put guides to the pull-out shelves. This closet makeover can keep everything neatly folded without the risk of making precariously balanced piles.

If you need, closet makeover doors with flat or even special shoemakers hanging storage for this location. You can also put strong adhesive hangers and put there some perch with something concrete that takes up little space. If you have many handkerchiefs, scarves, maybe you should make a hanger rings. It is comfortable, because they need to have all folded.