Footed Bathtub or No Legs?

Apr 23rd

Having to buy a new bathtub for our bathroom we’ve encountered this dilemma, if you can call it that, not knowing whether to choose a footed bathtub or without legs. To make it more clear what we’re talking let us let you know that we call “legs” to the feet that support the tub while legless designs are those designs that are placed straight line directly on the floor. Bathtubs With legs or without legs 1 perhaps some of you feel identified with this article that has also gone or are going through the same situation. We want to tell you the pros and cons we found of each, in which we rely to make our decision that has been quite successful. I think the main difference between them is the style.

Footed bathtub lowes
Footed bathtub lowes

We have to take into account the style of the decor in the bathroom so you can choose the one that best suits him. In the case of baths without feet, these are much more modern and are perfect for minimalist styles because they are much simpler and straight designs mostly. Footed bathtub represent elegance and luxury, but its complex and detailed designs are chosen for vintage or classic bathrooms baths to which they want to give a distinguished touch. The latter disadvantage has its large size requires a spacious bathroom. Top bath in a small bathroom that can be not only uncomfortable, but also recharges the aesthetic view making this look kind of neat. Footed bathtub or without legs 2 feet bathtubs legless, however, even with its modern and avant-garde designs may not provide the luxury that if they reach the above.

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Top bath require a very dedicated cleaning both inside and outside. These are usually made of copper or at least have their feet in these molten metal materials, so they need a maintenance work to be always bright and clean. Instead, a simple bath without leg design is much easier to maintain as new. The legs can also be affected with time or use, which could suffer cracks or breaks, forcing us to have to replace them with new if find a piece equal to or by default, having to buy a new bathtub. Something that does not happen with bathtubs without legs, simply because their design does not have them. We have chosen the baths without feet because it was the most suitable for our modern bathroom. What you choose?

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