Drawer Pulls Locations

Sep 25th

The drawer pulls long handle can be positioned in a variety of locations in a cabinet or drawer. If you want the handle is on the side where the cabinet is opened, put the handle vertically on the lower right or left corner of the enclosure. Put long handles for drawers horizontally in the center of the drawer. Small handles or knobs work best when they are located in the lower left corner and attached to a high altitude that open to the right cabinets. Reverses the location of the knob for cabinets that open to the right.

Vintage Drawer Pulls
Vintage Drawer Pulls

The cabinets that rest on or near the floor and open to the right or left, should have the knob on the top of the opposite side to which the door opens. For example, a low cabinet that opens to the right, should have the frame of the drawer pulls in the upper left corner.

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The drawer pulls provide an opportunity to use an eccentric center frame to the shooter because you have optimal place around the handle parts with unique shapes. You can use the same group of shooters in each drawer or mix frames. Long dresser drawers give you the option to put the handles in different locations.