How to Build a Corner Shelf for Cabinet

May 22nd

We will make our Corner Shelf for Cabinet. Often the corners of the cupboards or cabinets are unused spaces. One solution is to add a corner shelf. This triangular shelf allows you to save things and finds them easily, providing maximum combination of utility and usability.

Traditional Corner Shelf
Traditional Corner Shelf


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  1. Measure around the corner from the floor to the height you have chosen for your shelf. You can pick this up, but keep in mind the amount of space you want below or above the corner shelf.
  2. Measure the walls on each side of the corner to mark the height of the shelf. Place the mark as far as you want to extend the shelf along the wall and make marks at a distance from the corner identical on both walls.
  3. Find the beams on the wall behind the pencil marks with an electronic detector beams and mark the location of each one with a pencil. Hold a board 1 x 4 (2.5 x 10 cm) against the wall so that the edge is even with the pencil marks in step 3, and nail it to the rafters with a hammer and 2.5 inch common nails (6.3 cm).
  4. Cut a triangular piece of plywood 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) to fit in the space you did in the corner shelf. Place it over the boards and nail it with hammer and nails.

Corner Shelf for Cabinet For Decoration

The steps above just a mention about how to create this Corner Shelf for Cabinet. We should know the essential about applying this ideas. Usually, the corner in the room seem like dead area, it just a part of our room that’s all. Our corner can be our decorative spot. How? Applying this Corner Shelf for Cabinet can be our solution for this problem or topic. We will make our corner more beautiful and also more attractive with this cabinet. The picture can be our display to create our dream home. The most comfortable place and the best place for us in this world.