Closet Pole to Simplify Your Storage

Dec 15th

Today everybody needs more space to store belongings and possessions to organize and closet pole is one of best solution. Designing closet space that works more efficiently, you can make your life easier and ultimately save money.

Wooden Closet Pole
Wooden Closet Pole

Regardless of purpose of closet, first thing you have to do is clean. Discard, give away or sell what you have not worn in last year, unless there is a compelling reason to keep it. View all duplicates and consider donating or selling them. Then look at what you keep. Store like things together and list items and count in each category. This is how to make plan for your closet. For example, for a wardrobe of clothes, see how many shoes, shirts, trousers and much hang clothes you have.

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Determine space you have. Measure everything, even if you have existing closet pole and shelves now. You want to use entire space of upper part down. If you have lots of shirts and pants, consider double hang clothes. Consider a rack of pants, where you can pull out. You can divide closet for only a double portion hangs. Are all shoes? Shoe racks where shoes can be extracted job well.

If you need more space in your closet, find areas in your home that you can convert and organize for closet pole storage. Consider space you thought was useless. Another option is to remove articles and store frequently used safely used in smaller storage areas, such as attic or basement.