Cheap Comfortable Foam Dog Bed

Aug 30th

The dog needs a comfortable foam dog bed. Although, to get it, it is not necessary to spend money. Why not use old shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys in disuse? The bed of the can also be made with antique furniture, such as drawers or dressers, which are original resting places for the most hairy tenant in the home. This article offers six great ideas to make a bed for the dog at home, and without suffering the purse.

Create a bed for the dog at home without needing to pick up a single needle? The proposal may sound implausible. However, scraps of fabric (can be old clothes) used in the right way help to achieve it. This idea of ​​foam dog bed as original as cheap is Curbly. Two pieces of square cloth, of the same thickness, are needed. The remnants can be obtained from XXL size shirts, sweaters or a large fleece.

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And some more old clothes are enough to fill this homemade mattress. The secret of this foam dog bed? The trick is to cut some fringes – about five centimeters wide – on the edges of the material that will be used to make it. This fabric fringe can be knotted together, once the mattress is filled. The bed can be completed with fun reasons. List! And without the need for a needle.