Ceramic Bathtub Ideas

Nov 23rd

Ceramic bathtub – No other accessory gives a classic look to a bathroom to a hot glaze porcelain legs, but looks are not everything. While porcelain bathtubs are attractive, they are not necessarily the best option for homeowners who want the most comfortable, functional, durable and valuable bath. Modern acrylic bathtubs lack most of the problems that generate porcelain without adding many particular disadvantages.

Retro Ceramic Bathtub
Retro Ceramic Bathtub

The ceramic bathtub coated cast iron, a durable ceramic material that is obtained when the metal at an elevated temperature, is used to make bathtubs since the nineteenth century heated. It is an extremely durable material, but it has many disadvantages; it is very heavy and hot with this material not usually available in large sizes that are popular in modern bathrooms. The surface is cool to the touch and porcelain coating is prone to flake and crack, a situation that can not be repaired easily.

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Ceramic bathtub coated steel mimic the appearance of cast iron bathtubs, while improving some of the shortcomings of these. Steel is much lighter than iron and these baths are less expensive. However, porcelain enamel steel bathtubs usually flake, in the same way that occurs in iron, and the surfaces have the same feeling of freshness.