How to Build Compact Bathtub

Mar 1st

Compact bathtub – The installation of a hot tub in the basement offers the opportunity to relax in the privacy of your home without having to worry about the weather or neighbors. Before beginning the project of placing a jacuzzi unit in a hole in your basement, check with your city planner to see if you need a permit if you want to use a hot-spa Tub- or unit size. It is also a good idea to consider the drainage, ventilation and changes that may need to make your foundation.

Vanity Compact Bathtub
Vanity Compact Bathtub

Compact bathtub, dig a hole for concrete base. Use a chainsaw to get through wooden floors and a jackhammer if the basement floor is concrete. The depth, length and width of the hole vary depending on the model hot tub to be installed. His hole is approximately the same height as the framework jacuzzi outside, but you will have to take into account the width of the concrete blocks used for the dimensions of length and width.

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Compact bathtub, make changes to your home’s plumbing, drainage and electrical wiring at this time if necessary. It is best to hire the services of professionals, especially if you do not have much experience plumbing or wiring in a house. Compact dirt at the bottom of the hole dug with a soil compactor.