Best Install Galvanized Bathtub Tips

Mar 29th

Creating a shower of a galvanized bathtub is tub plumbing in same way as you would a claw bathtub or exempt, except bath you’ll have to drill hole or holes if they are no longer manufactured. Once you have a hole in bottom to drain water, you can put taps and pipes overflow next door.

what is galvanized bathtub
  • Purchase set of drain and overflow pipe. Mark positions of drains in galvanized bathtub with a pencil and cut it out using a metal whole drill bit in an electric drill.
  • Fit gaskets and drainage / overflow tube assembly according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Purchase faucet assembly with shower attachment for installation of a bathtub. Decide where you want on your faucet tub and cut holes to match requirements of faucets, with a suitably sized metal drill hole. File edges of hole to smooth any rough spots.
  • Fit taps side of tub and turns water supply hoses to faucets, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Connect existing pipes drainage pipes and water supply in bathroom, with help of a plumber.
  • Install shower curtain rods circulate around top of galvanized bathtub, suspending from ceiling or wall. Shower curtain hanging in bar.

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