Best Bathtub Enclosures

Jan 17th

In cases where a whirlpool requires an enclosure, many of the same principles apply cubicles. Glass is by far the box design of choice, allowing bath to feel clear and more open. Glass, like mirrors, can make a space appear larger than it really is. There are a number of design alternatives when it comes to bathtub enclosures that can achieve this look with less traditional settings.

stone bathtub enclosures

In spaces smaller bathroom the prospect of full bathtub enclosures is not always practical. New products are rethinking enclosure simplified design for modern bathrooms. Homeowners can now install glass shields on a portion of the tub to prevent splashing water without installing a complete enclosure. Such shields leave the remaining half of the tub open and accessible without the need for a door. Some European producers offer the same partial closure product with the use of a hinged glass door. The door can serve as bathtub enclosures over the front half of the tub, or may be inward when not in use closed to keep tidy. Other products to consider for small bathrooms are bathtub retractable enclosures collapsing completely when not in use. For small bathrooms an enclosure filled bathtub is no longer necessary.

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