Bathtub Lifts Stopper Removal

Mar 9th

Bathtub lifts – Tub plugs come with a joint mounted at all or without mounting lever. Stoppers mounted lever open and close when the lever moves in the cover of overflow of the tub, while other caps are opened and closed when the cap is moved directly. Removing a lift and turn cap requires fewer steps without tools, unlike plugs mounted lever.

Perfect Bathtub Lifts
Perfect Bathtub Lifts

Bathtub lifts, dry the area stop as much as possible using a towel or cloth. The presence of water will cause the cap and body stain, creating extra work during the extraction process. To speed the removal of the cap body, spray some lubricant to penetrate into the gap between the tub and the plug body. While you are removing the plug body, the lubricant will have time to soak in the connection.

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Bathtub lifts, before you can remove the cap, you must open it as if it is draining the tub at the end of your bathroom. If you are unfamiliar with the cap, open the drain by pulling up on the handle cap. Then rotate clockwise about a quarter turn. The plug must sit in the open position at this point. If the cap does not stay open, simply lift it up and turn again until it stays open.