Antique Bathtubs Modern

Nov 3rd

Antique bathtubs РBaths are made of various materials, since glass and acrylic fiber to iron and steel. The earliest were made of cast iron covered with heated porcelain enamel. Many older homes have these iron bathtubs, and made of steel are also quite common. These baths were glazed with a touch-up painting.

Cool Copper Antique Bathtubs
Cool Copper Antique Bathtubs

One of the great objects of desire for the bathrooms fans in this style, are the famous antique bathtubs, also known as Victorian baths that have a slightly rounded shape and feet with a chrome finish or metal. They alone have the power to make any bathroom more sophisticated!

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Mix these baths the furniture a bit more modern, with finishes such as marble and granite, and more straight lines cause a contrast that works very well, and avoid leaving your space looking dated or out of style, and transforms the composition something very contemporary!

Another very nice detail in antique bathtubs is coatings on the floor, ranging from those mosaics of hexagonal tiles, to brick imitation tiles! Another item that is very cool too, is those trays with soap, perfume environments and hand cream. In addition to practices they add an extra touch of charm will make!