Advantages and Disadvantages of Jute Rugs

May 7th

As hemp or flax, jute comes from plant stems and offers considerable resistance and durability when used for a carpet. Dirt tends to flow through the tissue, rather than settle on the surface. If the material gets dirty, simply flip the jute rugs, because most manufacturers design these models as reversible. When woven, jute fibers offer an elegant look, and matte texture contrasts with the smooth surfaces of the room.

Bamboo Jute Rugs
Bamboo Jute Rugs

As organic material, jute rugs and lends any room a natural environment, plus it offers twice the elasticity of cotton and fibers feel softer underfoot than other carpets of vegetable origin. The jute plant grows quickly, so that the material qualifies as an environmentally renewable resource. The non-flammable surface does not produce static and works well in crowded spaces such as home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

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With a rugged, jute rugs can be broken, so manufacturers do not recommend the use of the material in crowded areas. Although most stains are mixed with carpet, some discolorations require special treatment. Like other plant materials, jute not reacts well with water, and the absorbent material may reduce or degrade; the dry cleaning methods work best. Because the water will damage the surface and produce mold, jute rugs do not use outdoors.

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