About a Soaker Tub

Feb 17th

Soaker tub – Basic models: There are two basic models soaking tubs, according to the website of Soaker Tub. The Greek and Roman bath tub are similar in their function; Roman tend to be larger and a little deeper. The Greek are shorter than traditional Western bathtubs. Styles: Most soaking tubs are independent models, such as claw foot soaker tub. Slipper these baths model rises in one or both ends, which provides space for tilt back and rest. Models with double back Slipper types are comfortable for two people. The independent models are also available in ultra modern and oval, and rectangular sculptural forms. Furthermore legs style, some models of immersion baths rest directly on the ground or on a pedestal base of a wood material or combination.

White Soaker Tub
White Soaker Tub

Materials: Older models of the soaker tub were often made from heavy as iron, copper or steel metals. However, today there are available lighter materials like acrylic, which offer a less expensive alternative to metals that are still used today, such as cast iron and copper. The latter is the cleanest material available because it prevents the natural development of fungi and bacteria, according to the website of Bath Tub Guide.

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